About - Sean Kennedy Photography

Hi, I'm Sean Kennedy.  Thanks for visiting my website. I have been taking pictures before I was a teenager.  When I was thirteen my mother married my step-dad who was a professional photographer so this increased my interest and exposure (pun intended).   Sometimes he would use the family as models for his ad campaigns.  My first assignment was documenting my senior high school class for a video yearbook I produced.  In college I took pictures for the school newspaper and local reader. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  I am always taking classes and workshops to keep my photography skills sharp. When I am not behind the camera I enjoy skiing, cycling, traveling and hanging out with friends and family. According to Myer's Briggs I am an extrovert (ENFP) and that might be why I enjoy making pictures of people. Contact me for your photography needs and I can give you a quote for your big day, event or portrait session.  Besides being creative I like to say I am personable, professional and prompt.  I hope to meet you soon.

seankphotography@yahoo.com   |  tel: 312-399-1202

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